Born and raised in Westchester County, NY, Barbara now resides in
Daytona Beach, Florida. Self taught, she started doing portrait work
in the late 80's and progressed into the erotic in the late 90's .
Her work is featured on many pinup and erotic art websites and can
also be seen in a few galleries worldwide. Famous for her personalized commission
works she works closely with many pinup models and celebrities alike.
Publications include her own Art Fantastix Art Premiere book, Club International magazine,
Airbrush Action magazine ,Artcore #1, Artcore #5, Sizzle Magazine
and The Hot Spot (Erotique Books) among others.
And a brand new full color "sketchbook" available on this website.
Her work is also featured on custom Hot Wheels designs
and wine bottle designs.
She welcomes any questions or requests and will work closely with every client
as complete satisfaction is the goal.

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